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11. Purple

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11. Purple

8 1/2” x 11” Crystalclear® colored overlay.

Item Number: Purple
Publisher: National Reading Styles Institute

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Four Sheet Minimum (Any Color Combination)

NRSI® Colored Overlays Reduce Dyslexia Quickly and Dramatically

Nothing cures dyslexia absolutely, but our amazing Colored Overlays have made a tremendous difference in the lives of dyslexics.

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Colored Overlay Medium Starter Assessment Set

Product Details

NRSI® Colored Overlays Improve Learning
For some people, looking at black letters on white paper causes headaches and eye fatigue, or words may seem to shake, move, or reverse. The correct colored overlay often dramatically reduces visual distortions or discomfort, and improves reading and learning ability.

Colored Overlays Can EliminateTracking Problems:
• Eye strain, headaches
• Letter/word reversals
• Problems tracking or copying
• Poor comprehension
• Slow, halting reading
• Difficulty reading for prolonged periods

Why Our Colored Overlay Assessment Kit Is Critical
Not everyone is helped by the same colored overlay. Some people may need blue, others green, and so on. NRSI’s Colored Overlay Kit contains 24 different colored overlays, reproducible booklets ideal for record-keeping, our “Quick Checklist for Assessing Visual Difficulties” to help you identify those most in need.

Why Students Read and Write Better
Students who see letters, numbers, pictures or objects sliding, reversing, shaking, and/or doubling often have visual dyslexia. All that movement makes learning to read extremely difficult. The correct colored overlay placed over a page of print can stop or reduce the movement and enable the student to read.

When these same youngsters try to copy a page of print, their letters, words, and numbers show the distortions they actually see. Fortunately, when the correct colored overlay is placed over that same page of print, the movement stops, students perceive the words and numbers as they really are and write them correctly.

Research Results
“The use of colored overlays and filters may provide the fighting chance many at-risk readers deserve.”
Rickelman & Henk (1990). Colored overlays and tinted lens filters.
The Reading Teacher.

“Of thirty-seven people with visual perception problems in the study, thirty-one were helped by the colored sheets. (And they helped fifty-eight out of seventy people tested in my private practice). For each individual helped, certain colors could make things better but other colors could make things worse. But for each person helped, there was one color that worked best. After everyone had determined and used their own optimal color, they reported they were able to read better and longer.”
Irlen (1991). Reading by the Colors: Overcoming dyslexia and other reading disabilitie s through the Irlen Method, p. 22.

“The findings of the Livingstone study suggest that dyslexia might be caused by the improper timing of visual circuits in the brain, and lends theoretical support to the use of colored filters in treating dyslexia. Prior to this study, most scientists believed that dyslexia was purely a language problem. An easy-to-read version of the findings of the Livingstone study is available in an article by Blakeslee (1991)."
Carbo (2007). Becoming a great teacher of reading: Achieving high rapid reading gains with powerful differentiated strategies, p. 161.