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A parent's cry for help

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Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping (Book & CD)
America's wackiest maid was never funnier! When Amelia goes camping the fun begins early and doesn't stop. 64 pp. Learn More

County Fair (Book & CD)
Lots of contests, yummy food, excitement, and awards for the Ingalls family at a wondrous county fair. 30 pp. Learn More

The Island of the Skog (Book & CD)
“Totally captivating” (Publ. Weekly). Adventuresome mice sail to a seemingly frightening new home. 28 pp. Learn More

Paul Bunyan (Book & CD)
Reading Rainbow Book. Kids love Paul, America's finest, fastest, funniest lumberjack and favorite tall-tale hero. 37 pp. Learn More

No Flying in the House (Book & CD)
A dog raises a child. “Delicious fantasy… undisputed charmer of the year” (Publisher's Weekly). 139 pp. Learn More

Merlin and the Dragons (Book & CD)
Exciting, action-adventure. Young Arthur becomes King. Spectacular illustrations.
“The legend comes alive on a grand scale” (School Library Journal). 36 pp. Learn More

Talk About a Family (Book & CD)
An important, sensitive book. A child learns that families can still love each other even
when they break up. 60 pp. Learn More

7 Item(s) Show per page
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